Morocco: Mobilization Caravan in Morocco to promote a Law on Violence against Women

Global Rights

Global Rights Maghreb recently conducted a three-week Women’s Human Rights Mobilization Caravan across Morocco to generate national support for our legislative advocacy initiative to promote a Violence against Women Law, now in its third year.  Over the 21 days we travelled more than 4000 kilometres around the country, stopping in 33 diverse cities, towns and villages to hold awareness raising and advocacy activities on violence against women, including 20 round tables with over 700 local NGO members, legal professionals and decision-makers, as well as 17 human rights mobilization meetings with over 1100 women at the grassroots level.

Daily Blog entries from each of the 21 days of the Caravan (Saturday October 3 – Friday October 23) are available in English, French and Arabic at 
As part of next steps in this campaign, Global Rights Maghreb and our partner NGOs are holding Thematic Working Groups with diverse justice system and health professionals across the country to elaborate concrete recommendations for violence against women legislation in Morocco.
Many thanks to the 40 local NGOs – list of names and diverse locations below - who collaborated with us to organize the different activities in their communities.  Their participation, enormous efforts, and enthusiasm ensured that the Caravan was a success!