Iraq: "5+ Group for Women's Aid" Asks White House for Action to Rescue Yezidi Women

Warvin Foundation for Women's Issues have announced the formation of a group to address kidnappings and abuse of women by ISIS in the Kurdish region of Iraq.  The "5+ Group for Women's Aid" was officially announced via a press-conference at the Chwarchara-hotel in Erbil on September 4 2014.

The group consists of 5 women-activists:

1-Mhabad Qaradaghi
2-Lanja Abdullah
3-Huda Zangana
4-Shler Bapir
5-Gulan Salim 

The aim of the establishment of this group is to rescue more than 1000 Yezidi Kurdish women who have been kidnapped by the ISIS terrorist group. There are reports that women in areas under ISIS control have been raped and are currently being traded on the market as sex slaves.

The 5+ Group have started an online petition asking the White House to help rescue such women, which you can sign by following the link: