Eid Without Harassment - Media Statement

Eid Without Harassment - Media Statement

By Imprint Movement

'Imprint Movement and Anti-Sexual Harassment movement launched a campaign called "Eid without Harassment" which took place on Talaat harb square and street on the 9th and 10th of August from 4pm until 10pm. 

We divided ourselves between 3 teams; patrolling, awareness and operations. We spoke and interacted with bystanders on the importance of rejecting this crime and rejecting violence. 


  • The prevention of 65 individual (verbal and physical) sexual harassmant incidents
  • 5 mass harassment incidents. 
  • 2 reports filed in Tahrir police station. 
  • 70 people volunteered

We continue to work relentlessly on finding a grass root solution for this crime through the effective participation of the entire society. 

Help us build a better community.
Imprint Team'