"No Man Will Touch Her Coffin": The Aftermath of Farkhunda's Murder in Kabul

The following words recount the aftermath of the murder of Farkhunda in Kabul, who was killed by a mob after being accused of burning the Quran.  The words come from a WLUML networker in Afghanistan, who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Yesterday was our new year, the year that started with renewed fears and agony. 

After struggling with migraines, feelings of numbness, helplessness and hopelessness... I managed to steam off a bit last night, by joining a handful of women and few dozens of men, at the heart of Kabul city (wrapped in the dark blanket of power outage) where Farkhunda was killed, crying over our burning candles as we sat in big circle on the ground...

Today there were a bunch of celebrations and events organized but some 10 of us (women) chose to trade that for participation in Farkhunda's funeral. For the first time in Afghanistan we stood tall to say that no man will touch her burnt body's coffin. It was the women whom Farkhunda never met that took her body out of the ambulance, back there, to the prayer place and, joined by another 20-25 additional women, to her grave... 

The girl that thought Quran and believed that nothing is greater than her faith, was beaten to death, run over by a car and then burnt for being accused of Quran burning in a pilgrimage site. She was at fault for saying the truth, she had told one of the guys that made "voodoo" in the site that it is against Islam and it doesn't work, the guy got upset and accused her of burning the Quran. 

Today we put her to her grave as everyone chanted الله اكبر... ("Allahu Akbar" - the words chanted as Farkhunda was beaten to death)

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Images: Guardian, BBC