Sudan: Call for solidarity with Amira Osman - woman who refuses to wear hijab faces flogging

Public Statement

A call for solidarity with Amria Osman and women living in Sudan under the terror of Sudan Public Order Regime

The members of the No To Women Oppression (NOWO) strongly condemn the human rights violation committed against NOWC executive committee member Amira Osman by Sudan Public Order Police and Court system. Amira, an engineer by profession was detained and charged by the public order police while undertaking business at Jabal Awleya (west of Khartoum area) local government office.

The reason for her detention was that she was not covering her head with a scarf. Amira was detained for 4 hours and according to her story she was verbally abused and badly treated by the police during her hours in detention, she was later charged under article 152 of the Sudan Penal code relating to “indecent dress”.

Amira’s court hearing was deferred form September 9 to September 19. If she is charged she could face a harsh sentence of up to 100 lashes, and/or imprisonment and fining.

No to women Oppression Coalition is strongly standing behind Amira and all the Sudanese women and girls who are exposed to the terror of the public order police and court system on a daily basis across the country.

NWOC is deeply concerned about the recent local reports by Sudanese activists and independent local media stating that more than 90% of women detained by the Sudan public order police are subjected to forms sexual assaults crimes. Yet the majority of these women are unable to either bring criminal charges or to speak out due to the cultural stigma and the gender discriminatory justice system of Sudan.

No to Women Oppression Coalition both recognizes and values Amira’s courage and stance against the brutal system and calls on all women and girls to follow her steps and end the silence against the oppression of women. NWOC is calling on Sudanese people and civil society to join the solidarity gathering against Sudan’s public Order regime on September 19, 2013 at the Jabal Awleya court.

NOWC is calling on The UN Human rights bodies, The African Union and actors of the international community friends of Sudan to draw emphasis to and remind the Sudanese government on its regional and international obligations towards upholding the dignity and the human rights of women.

NOWO Executive Committee

Khartoum Sudan

September 7, 2013

No to Women Oppression is a Sudanese men and women activists Coalition that focuses on challenging the current Sudan discriminatory laws and policies against Sudanese women.