A Year Since Salmmah's Closure

By Fahima Hashim, the Director of Salmmah Women's Resource Centre, on the one-year anniversary of the organisations's closure by the Sudanese government.

Today marks one year since the closure of Salmmah Women's Resource Centre by the government of Sudan (on the 24th June 2014).

Personally I felt a complete and forced stop of my life project, after almost 17 years of work. Salmmah for me was not just a place of work.  It was a dream, wishes, and a hope to contribute to build a just society for women and youth in Sudan.

Since 1997 till closing in June 2014, Salmmah worked on many projects and events with high sense of collective building, and contributed to many social movements which arose during the course of it is existence.  To mention a few: the 8th of March (International Women's Day), 16 Days of Activisim, 149 Alliance, and One Billion Rising.

Am very thankful to so many people and organizations who worked, contributed, and appreciated the work Salmmah was doing; all the staff, board members, friends of Salmmah, donors.  It is also worth mentioning the human rights organizations and groups, women organisations who sent letters condeming the act of the government, and last but not least to the legal team for taking the hard work.

I am greatful to all my women friends for their support and concerns and love, and to my family.  To all of you I say thank you so much for your concern love and support.

The struggle continues.

In solidarity, Fahima.



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