Event: Religious Fundamentalisms Impact on Women’s Rights in Africa


Religious Fundamentalisms Impact on Women’s Rights in Africa
April 21, 2015 
Carleton University. Humanities Theatre, 303 Paterson Hall (Ottawa)

The Africa-Canada Forum (ACF), one of the working groups of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC), in collaboration with the Institute of African Studies from Carlton University, is organizing a one day learning event on religious fundamentalisms and their impact on women’s rights in Africa. 

This forum will discuss the impact of different forms of religious fundamentalism on women’s rights in Africa from the perspectives of academia, African civil society and Canadian civil society organizations (CSO). The day will open with an overview of religious fundamentalisms and their specific impact on women’s rights. Then we will move towards analyzing the issues through case studies examining Islam and Christianity. Much emphasis will be placed on discussion. Participants will be encouraged to bring in their own perspectives on a way forward to tackling these issues and on working as a collaborative community to do so.

The objectives of this event are as follows:

  • To develop a greater understanding of religious fundamentalisms and how different forms impact women’s rights in affected nations, regions and communities.
  • To generate insight into some of the historical, cultural, political conditions which have led to the rise of different forms of religious fundamentalisms occurring in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and the consequences they are having on women's rights.
  • To fill in the knowledge gap of practical possibilities and challenges CSOs have in working in nations or regions where they encounter religious fundamentalisms.

    Presentations will be in English only, however participants are welcome to speak in the language of their choice. Please note, interpretation will not be available for this event.

    Read the concept paper in preparation for the learning event

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    $10 - Admission to full-day event 

    $25 -Admission to full-day event + Boxed lunch - Tortilla Wrap Cajun Chicken 

    $25 - Admission to full-day event + Boxed lunch - Grilled veggies with hummus on a tortilla wrap. 

    Please note: This is a not for profit event, ticket sales are for cost-recovery purposes.