Libya: 'Libya's 10% Parliament Quota for Women'

Libyan Human Rights Alliance


The Libyan Human Rights Alliance, along with numerous civil society activists and organizations, find the Libyan Draft Election Law released On January 1 2012 by The National Transitional Council to be unreasonable. Within this Draft Law, Article 1 stated that there would in fact be a parliamentary quota for women; however it is quite vague and reads as the quota will be limited to 10%, or 20 out of 200 seats.

The February 17th Revolution which has led us to this democracy is a revolution where all people in Libyan society, men and women, rose against injustice, corruption and inhumanity and it is for this reason that the revolution should institute for a new society based on justice for all. The gains that Libyan women have achieved over these past months were not granted, nor were they good luck. They were the result of hard work, and struggle, and we demand that the rights of women in the political sector be met. 

As it is now, Libyan women currently make up over 50% of the population in Libya, and the idea that they will be strictly limited to only 20 seats is extremely outrageous. We as an alliance, as organizations and as Libyan Women strongly support the role of women in politics in Libya, and believe that it is the duty of civil and political actors to work together and synchronize efforts to ensure a fair representation of women in the upcoming elected governing body. We also demand The National Transitional Council, to ensure that this upcoming election does not sideline Libyan women and it instead endorses them and supports their involvement in Libyan politics, not only on local levels but most importantly at a national level. 

The Libyan Human Rights Alliance requests that the Draft Election Law readdresses Article 1. It is much too vague. If for any reason The NTC believes that there would be a lack of representation from Libyan Women with a larger quota, then their response should be to mobilize women, and to support them, not to limit them. 

The Libyan Human Rights Alliance announces its eagerness to work on all fronts, political & civil, to shoulder the social & political responsibility at this critical point in the Libyan Women’s Rights Movement. We are truly inspired by the many women who have given so much to the Libyan Women’s Rights Movement, and to the February 17th Revolution.

The Libyan Human Rights Alliance (LHRA) is a network of NGOs working in the field of Human Rights, which was formed in 2011. The LHRA was formed as a mechanism to facilitate coordination and a framework for joint action among member organizations concerned with Human Rights. At present, the LHRA is currently focusing on national surveys, seminars, workshops and a National Women’s Charter. LHRA looks forward to building a sustainable frame work of joint work, which serves Libyan society at large. 

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