Update: Indonesia: 'Aceh Punks File Report with Human Rights Commission'

Jakarta Post

A number of Aceh youths wearing punk hairstyles and attire reported to Banda Aceh authorities and to the National Commission on Human Rights’ Aceh branch on Monday over last week’s concert raid.

They were joined by human rights activist Hospi Novizal Sabri, Banda Aceh Legal Aid Foundation director Evi Narti, Tikar Pandan and community artist Azhari.

Felix and Juanda, the two youths representing the Aceh punk community, met with commission members Romi Mulya and Eka Azmiyadi.

The two reported that the alleged assaults were carried out by law enforcement officers during the raid.

“We are filing our objection to [what authorities did in] this incident,” Felix said as quoted by tempo.co.

“They have discriminated against us. Why should police bring them to the police school?” Juanda added.

As many as 65 youths were arrested during a punk rock concert last week and brought to a detention center, where their Mohawk hairstyles were shaved off.

They have been detained at the national police school (SPN) to be “re-educated” for 10 days.

Romi said the commission would follow up the report and would ask for explanation from the local administration and police, should they find any violations of human rights during the raid.

“We will have to verify the report while respecting the principle of presumption of innocence,” Romi said.