WLUML Networker Kholoud El-Sayed to Speak at TEDxSuezCanalUniversity


Egyptian WLUML networker, Kholoud El-Sayed has been announced as a speaker at TEDx Suez Canal University's first event, IDEUPHORIA.

9th April 2015

Kholoud El-Sayed is a researcher and activists passionate about feminism, law, human rights, and education. She has worked for AWTAD, (association for women's total advancement and development), CIHRS (Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies), and the Hisham Mubarak Law Center.  She became part of the WLUML networker after her participation in the organisation's workshop on public and political participation in Cairo December 2013.

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TEDx events are independently-run speaker events that help share innovative ideas in communities around the world. The event, the first of this kind at Suez Canal University, has the theme "IDEUPHORIA". "IDEUPHORIA is a made up word," explain the event's organisers "It all started with Euphoria which is a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, EXCITEMENT and joy. We then put it together with IDEA which is our main target to spread and we had IDEUPHORIA.  Every great action, breakthrough or a discovery is mostly driven by a feeling of excitement you get about a certain idea. That same feeling that makes you grasp the thought of pursuing it.  Ideas are like a chain, you run into one and a million others light up before you. But you only feel right about that one idea that puts you on the verge of your passion, and most likely to be your breakthrough."

Kholoud is one of 15 speakers at the event, each of whom will give an 18-minute talk.  Kholoud's talk will focus on the importance of education, and particularly human rights and feminist education. She will look into the importance of creative alternative cultures, and increasing access to information and knowledge about the role of women in history and in contemporary society.  She will cover the importance of nurturing a culture of human rights amongst the youth in Egypt and the Arab world in order to foster consciousness that is supportive of women's social and intellectual roles, which promotes human dignity, and which counters the of dominant negative stereotypes and discrimination that currently characterise society.


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Event details:

Date: April 11th 2015

Time: 10:00 (UTC+2)

Location: Technology School Theatre, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

Ticket Price: 50 LE Including lunch meal and welcome bag.

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