South Asia: Muslima action in South Asia

Muslima Activism in South Asia
Muslim women working towards social change in South Asia.
A website that aims to provide appropriate resources and address matters pertinent to and for Muslim women (Muslima in Arabic) involved with activism in South Asia, with an emphasis on the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Each section of this website attempts to further educate Muslim women activists, therefore strengthening their ability to mobilize against issues that concern them as individuals, as organizations, as movements, etc.

Female activism on a global scale is empowered through advocacy networks with other individuals and groups that share similar purposes and goals. South Asia, specifically, has a large number of Muslim women activists striving for the betterment of the female role in society and her just treatment. By providing a space for these activists to exchange information they, as individuals and as groups, will be strengthened in their activities.