Algeria: Cherifa Kheddar unfairly dismissed

Through WLUML networkers, the Algerian 'Collectif des familles de disparus' (CFDA) and the OMCT, we have learned of the unfair dismissal of Ms. Cherifa Kheddar from her position of employment at the prefecture of Blida. Kheddar is the president of the Djazairouna association, a group which defends the victims of terrorism.
According to received news, on 17 May 2008 as Ms. Kheddar went to work only to learn that she had been fired from the prefecture of Blida where she had worked for 12 years.

She had just returned from a week of training organised in Rabat, Morocco, which in order to attend she had taken official leave. Some of her colleagues asked her not to contact them anymore and not to speak in their presence about her opposition to the Charter for 'peace and national reconciliation'.

In the past Ms. Kheddar had received warnings from her superiors for her actions in the defence of human rights.

In April 2008 CFDA, Djazairouna and Somoud organised a forum in Blida, Algeria on the theme researching for truth. Ms. Kheddar, on many occasions has expressed her total disagreement with the Charter for peace and national reconciliation and its texts as they in effect provide amnesty for terrorists and agents of State.

Ms. Kheddar announced her intention to make an administrative appeal against this decision.

We express our deep concern about the firing of Ms. Cherifa Kheddar, which seems to be a punishment for her activities in the defence of human rights and which will deprive her from resources. This also shows once again the context of intimidation in which the Algerian defenders of human rights must act.

For the original French call for action, please see here:[155]=i-155-561711
WLUML networkers