India: Violent attacks and cases of moral policing in Karnataka

Over the last two weeks, several women have been violently attacked in Bangalore for wearing jeans, going out in the street, and resisting 'moral policing'.
Women's organisations need to stop these crimes against women; the police have not taken meaningful steps to stop or prevent this violence, to arrest the perpetrators, or to ensure the safety of all women in Bangalore and Karnataka.
Protest the attacks: How and Where

On the 7th and 8th of March, there are two big public events being planned in Bangalore in response to the attacks.

People who are in Bangalore, for the love of every last chaddi, participate and organise events around the 7th and 8th. We need the events to be big and scary. I think that as many people as can manage should go to Bangalore on these two days. This is really no time to reserve our troops and what is happening right now is war. Buy cheap tickets, come to Bangalore.

Watch this space. We will be posting things you can do to get involved to protest the attacks on women in Karnataka.

1. Join the walk to the Police Commissioner's Office on March 7, 2009. More details soon.

2. Join the massive Take Back The Night campaign on March 8, 2009.

3. Join the campaign addressed to bystanders (

4. If you can't go to Bangalore organise a Pink Chaddi event in your town (

5. If you live abroad, you could join the email campaign here:

6. If you are from the media look for the press release and details about the attacks:

7. Join the poster campaign: Cut/Burn/Print/Paste

Source: The Pink Chaddi Campaign

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