Bangladesh: Tax for polygamy

Hotline-Bangladesh Newsletter
The City Corporation Mayor of Rajshahi, Mijanur Rahman Minu, MP said that he will impose taxes on polygamists to deter the “outdated” practice of marrying more than one wife.
The tax will be enforced from July 1 2006 in northern Rajshahi, the fourth-largest city of Bangladesh.
As part of the city’s 2006-2007 budget, any man marrying a second wife will face a 1-time tax of Tk 10,000 ($142). The tax will rise to Tk 30,000 and Tk 40,000 for third and fourth marriages.

Under Islamic law, Muslim men can have up to four wives provided the husband gets permission from his existing wives. Minu said he would introduce this tax to discourage the disrespectful and outdated practice in this modern time.

News Today, 6.6.06