International: New MA program "violent conflict, reconstruction and human security"

Institute of Social Studies
This specialisation explores links between violent conflict and development. It does this in the context of poverty, insecurities, structural inequality and militarism and examines different theoretical trajectories of war, violence and peace.
These are related to conceptualisations of development, human security and social transformation, using a historically situated, multi-disciplinary analysis of social, economic, political and symbolic processes that lead to, and out of, violence.
Local, national and global dimensions of these processes are contextualised through selected case studies. Gender, religion, class, caste and ethnicity are analysed as identities, and as aspects of violent patterns of social inclusion and exclusion, and elements in social mobilisation for social justice and peaceful modes of development. The Specialisation enables students to articulate, identify and discuss the characteristics of “good governance” principles and their application in the field of conflict management. It also enables them to engage in a hands-on way in more practical issues of human and organisational agency in conflict and conflict-transformation through internships, voluntary work and research fieldwork.

Upon completion of this Specialisation students will have acquired comprehensive and critical knowledge of the theoretical approaches and debates regarding violent conflict, peace and development. Students will also gain skills to critically analyse social, economic, political and symbolic underpinnings of violent conflict, and acquire practical tools for direct engagements with issues pertaining to conflict transformation.

Target groups

The Specialisation offers analytical and practical skills to mid-career professionals interested and engaged in research, policy work and action pertaining to violent conflict and post-conflict transformation.