Women’s Reproductive Rights in Muslim Communities and Countries: Issues and Resources

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Research and writing about women and Muslim communities, the role & attitude of the state towards religious authority, the contemporary status of Islamist social movements and so on.

  • WLUML statement on reproductive rights
  • Reproductive Choice in Islam: Gender and State in Iran and Tunisia, Carla Obermeyer
  • State Policy and Gender Equality in Post-Revolutionary Iran, Homa Hoodfar and Azita Roshan
  • State versus Islam: Malay families, women's bodies, and the body politic in Malaysia, Aihwa Ong; Women and population Questions: From Rio to Cairo and beyond: Reflections of a reproductive rights activist, Loes Keysers
  • Risk, Reproduction and Rights:The Uses of Reproductive Health Data, Deborah Maine, Lynn Freedman, Farida Shaheed and Schuyler Frautschi
  • Is FGM a Religious Practice?, Nahid Toubia
  • Somalia: Against the Pleasure Principal (A short story), Saida Herzi
  • The Fate of Nurjahans and the Constitution of Bangladesh, Sultana Kamal & ASK
  • Testimonies of Egyptian Women, Marie Assad
  • Poems; A Bibliography on Reproductive Rights
  • Journals, Newsletters, Books and Documents
  • Alert for Urgent Actions and News; Useful Address of International Campaigns, Networks, National and Local Initiatives