UN: UN Agencies Rally for an End to FGM Within a Generation

UN News Centre
The agencies expressed their concern about the “medicalization” of the practice, whereby it is performed by health professionals in health facilities, and the belief that it enhances a girl's chastity and chances of marriage by controlling her sexuality.
Ten United Nations agencies issued a joint statement on 27 February 2008 joining hands to help eliminate female genital mutilation within a generation and "stressing the need for strong leadership and greater resources to protect the health and lives of millions of women and girls".
The agencies highlighted the damaging effects on women, girls and newborn babies and have pledged their support to governments and communities in their efforts to abandon the practice, which is still performed in many parts of the world and which to date has affected approximately 140 million women in parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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27 February 2008