United Kingdom: Kurdish women's grassroots organisation launches website

WLUML Networkers

Press Release: Roj Women is an umbrella site that seeks to publicise the work of Roj Women’s Association, a women’s charity working on community development in the UK, and of its political branch, Roj Women’s Assembly, that campaigns for far-reaching legal and political reforms in Turkey. Roj Women strives to give Kurdish women, whether in their countries of origin or in the diaspora, a voice to publicise the gender and racial discrimination they face. Beyond raising awareness at the national and international levels, Roj Women campaigns for change and offers services to support Kurdish women and child victims of male and military violence.

The public can now stay informed of the Kurdish women's struggle in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran by visiting www.rojwomen.com, which is updated daily with the latest developments on all the issues that affect and shape women’s lives in Kurdistan. Rojwomen.com is campaigning and lobbying against ‘honour crimes’ in Turkey; anyone interested in Roj Women’s demands to the Turkish government, and in their research to expose the state’s failure to address this phenomenon, is encouraged to visit frequently the website's ‘Honour Crimes Campaign’ section. Soon Rojwomen.com will also include information on UK based projects that aim at supporting and empowering Kurdish women in the Diaspora.

Please visit, give feedback and stay in touch if you wish to participate in events organized by Roj Women or to volunteer for them!

Contact Roj Women

Address: Fairfax Hall. 11, Portland Gardens. London, N4 1HU

Phone number: 07854 431 016

Email: rojwomen[at]googlemail.com