Pakistan: URGENT-Shirkat Gah Appeals for Support in Relief Work

Pakistan is facing yet another emergency situation due to severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall which, according to UN reports, has directly affected fourteen million people so far. Shirkat Gah - Women’s Resource Centre (SG)*, Pakistan, is actively engaged in providing and coordinating relief to those affected across Pakistan through its partner community based organizations in synchronization with all three Shirkat Gah offices in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

We would like to appeal to all to help us in raising funds. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and will be used to set up medical camps and purchase goods necessary for immediate relief such as food items, medicines, cooking utensils, clothing and shoes (the latter two items can also be donated to Shirkat Gah Offices). The funds will later be used for the particular needs of communities based on a reassessment of the situation.

Credit Card Payments:

Our friends at Global Fund for Women and MADRE have arranged for credit card payments to be

made to us. Please see the following links for all credit card donations to Shirkat Gah:

1. Global Fund for Women


See attached for full details on how to donate

From Global Fund for Women
As the disastrous toll of the floods in Pakistan becomes clear, we are relieved to have heard from some of our grantee sisters that they are safe. Many are at the heart of relief efforts in Pakistan. Shirkat Gah, a grantee partner and a key Pakistan women's rights organization is currently mobilizing support - please consider making an emergency contribution today to support women in Pakistan as they struggle to respond to this disaster and rebuild their communities.

Read our solidarity letter to our grantee sisters in Pakistan, and join us this Saturday 8/14 for an event on the peace process between Pakistan and India.

*Shirkat Gah literally means a place of participation. It was formed as a non- hierarchical collective in 1975 by a group of women in Pakistan with a shared perspective on women’s rights and development.

The organization’s mission is to encourage women to play a full and equal role in society by promoting and protecting the social and economic development of women already participating in, or wanting to participate in, national development.

Please also watch this video of Ban Ki-Moon's visit:

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