Algeria: National LGBT day

WLUML allies

A movement is born ... We no longer want to hide, we do not want to hug the walls, we do not want to stand idly by, we will no longer suffer in silence, we do not want more laws 333 and 338 of the Algerian penal code, we will no longer respond . Now we will act. A date is also born, Oct. 10 date is proclaimed National Day of gays lesbians bi and trans Algerian (LGBTQ). Selim I Selim also said the terrible is born October 10, 1470 is considered to be frugal and thrifty, very religious and brutal. Among its actions, Selim sent to Istanbul sacred objects sword, the robe, the standard of the prophet and teeth and turned the center of the Caliphate in Istanbul and became the first Ottoman caliphate.

This fierce warrior who in near his beloved poet found himself "shaking under my lions claw powerful and destructive, when Providence made me the slave of a poor teenager in the eyes of a gazelle," he said!

So our choice fell on Oct. 10 for its historical and religious symbolism. We want to maintain our membership in the Arab Muslim world. We do not follow a fashion, a Western model. We are not in a logic of mimicry, followership as our opponents accuse us often embarrassed by the subject so taboo that they completely obscure and demean a phenomenon, a true story, a minority that does not happen to be cited . We are determined to fight for our rights, the abolition of homophobic laws, to no longer carry the stigma of shame. To finally be able to complain when we are attacked, without finding ourselves in the dock. To avoid being arrested by police on the streets for reasons zany as we know it's because we show a little too much to them that we are gay.

For all these reasons we decided to fight, to say NO!

The act of October 10 is to light a candle at 20:00. Whatever the sexuality of people who participate in this event, gay, lesbian, bi or trans. The act itself may seem trivial but it symbolizes the union of LGBT Algerians who, light a candle at the same time in different cities of Algeria and elsewhere, feel less alone. A glimmer of hope for the community ...

• October 10, 2010: a single slogan, "Hope! "

For its 4th year, the national day of LGBT Algerians took for the first time the theme of "Hope." Abu Nawas group directly supervises the event by launching early September the competition to design the poster and the promotional video TenTen (referring to 10/10/2010) under the theme "Hope". The competitions are for LGBT Algerian web.

Something new this year: the album "Âchra" (The Arabic translation of ten but that also means community in the same language). The concept involves the direct participation of users LGBT Algerians to develop a photo album representative of TenTen. Participants must take a picture of candles lit in historic sites or known of their cities, the Algerian nationals who are outside the country can participate too.

With this album, the Abu Nawas Group seeks out the candles on the TenTen in the streets of Algeria and end the celebration "in secret" of the day.