Iraq: Civilians assaulted at peaceful gathering to end constitutional crisis

Iraqi Streets شوارع عراقية

On the occasion of the expiry of seven months to conduct general elections in the seventh of March of this year, more than four months from the date of ratification of the election results in the first of June, established a civil initiative to preserve the Constitution Sit II to protest against the continuing breach of the constitutional articles (50) and ( 54) and (55) and (72) and (76) of the Constitution, and the inability of Representatives three hundred and twenty-five elected by the people to exercise their political, regulatory and legislative, which plunged the country into trouble a constitutional and political does not seem to have end in sight.

At a time obtained the the Civil Initiative on the approval of the Minister of the Interior editorial and official to set up a protest in front of the House of Representatives, has the security forces responsible for protecting the Green Zone to prevent the protestors from reaching the location specified in an arbitrary manner, and the attack on the protestors and to try to disperse them by force, in violation of New Article (38) of the Constitution, which affirms the freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful demonstration of citizens. This is the second time that prevent the protestors from reaching the House of Representatives and meet with representatives of the people the orders of the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces.

This did not prevent a group of demonstrators from reaching the Garden House of Representatives, and the emphasis on the role of Iraqi civil society to participate in the decision-making, and refused to disable the House of Representatives, and the need to direct House of Representatives for their work, and the completion of the first meeting of the Council immediately and without disabled, otherwise it becomes called for re-election legitimacy and inevitability of . We also affirm the constitutional right to picket and demonstrate, and we strongly condemn any attempt to silence the Iraqi people.

Civil initiative to preserve the Constitution
Baghdad 07/10/2010