Gambia: Police did a poor investigations in GAMCOTRAP case, says former Solicitor General

Freedom Newspaper

Former Solicitor General Amie Bensouda has expressed dissatisfaction with the way, and manner the police investigated the GAMCOTRAP alleged theft case saying that the work of the police was the least satisfactory.  She told a court in Banjul that the police investigations were improper. Lawyer Bensouda argued that Gamcotrap is not a central bank licensed micro-credit organisation, and therefore not legally permitted to give-out micro-credit, as alleged by the state. But  the state witness maintains that he did not know that a central bank license is required for one to operate a micro-credit.

Amie Bensouda is the lead counsel in the GAMCOTRAP high profile case. Both Dr. Isatou Touray, and Amie Bojang Sissoho have been charged with embezzling 30,000 Euros. The funds were provided to GAMCOTRAP by a Spanish Organization called YALOCAMBA SOLIDARIDAD. They both denied the charges.

Defence Lawyer Bensouda also put it to the state witness that GAMCOTRAP received three transfers; first, on the March 16, 2007 with the sum of 41,958 Euros, the second on April 9, 2009 with the same amount and on September 11, 2009, a sum of 45, 794.90 was transferred.

The witness  could not remember how many transfers YOLOCAMBA made to GAMCOTRAP.  He says it was not part of his job check on GAMCOTRAP’S financial disbursements

“I was only assigned to investigate the 30, 000 Euros that was sent to GAMCOTRAP  by YOLCAMBA,” the witness said. The case resumes on January 3rd. 

By Staff Reporter Bolong Jammeh

28 December 2010