Afghanistan: Women used as sex slaves for Taliban and Al Qaeda

Feminist Majority Foundation
While reports of the Taliban’s involvement in the trafficking of Afghan women was long reported by Afghan refugees fleeing Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule, more detailed and numerous accounts continue to emerge.
According to a report in Time magazine, government officials and witnesses have revealed that the Taliban routinely kidnapped women from Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara and other ethnic minorities to be trafficked and used as sex slaves. Some women were also forced to marry Taliban and al Qaeda soldiers, who often raped and later abandoned them. According to Kabul police chief Ahmad Jan, "The girls were dishonored and then discarded." Other women were sent to Pakistan to be sold to brothels, trafficked to al Qeada training camps, or sold to wealthy clients inside and outside of Afghanistan. As many as 600 women have been reported missing in one region of Afghanistan.