International: Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures (EWIC) project for scholars


The EWIC Scholars’ Database is an invaluable listing of scholars from all over the world and from all disciplines whose work focuses on women, gender, and Islamic cultures. Based on the authors’ database for the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, this free online publication is a fully searchable directory of connecting scholars, students, policymakers, and activists with each other and with NGOs, governmental agencies, research foundations, publishers, members of the media, and potential employers seeking researchers whose work specifically covers issues on women and gender related to Islamic cultures. The online database, funded by a grant from the International Development Research Center (Ottawa), is published at

The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures is a 6-volume, 2,000,000-word, state-of-the-art compendium offering 1,246 articles by 907 authors from all disciplines, covering the full span of topics for which we could find research on women and Islamic cultures all over the world. In addition to the complete print edition, EWIC Online publishes two online supplements on Brill Online per year, totaling 200,000 words, and adding 50-60 original scholarly articles annually to the already extensive index of articles on women and Islamic cultures. The print edition was led by Suad Joseph, General Editor; and Associate Editors Afsaneh Najmabadi, Julie Peteet, Seteney Shami, Jacqueline Siapno, and Jane Smith; and Assistant Editor Alice Horner).  The EWIC Online Editorial team includes Suad Joseph, General Editor; and Associate Editors Hoda Elsadda, Therese Saliba, Elora Shehabuddin, and Virginia Hooker. 

The publication of the EWIC Scholars Database online for free access, makes this invaluable resource available to all those interested in our fields of work.  

EWIC invites interested scholars and graduate students to complete the scholars’ template for publication on the free online EWIC Scholars Database. Please visit the EWIC Scholars Database at to contribute a scholar template. Participation in this free online resource is a great way to network, share recent findings, and connect with potential colleagues.