"Sénégal: Un rapport au Comité des Droits économiques, sociaux et culturels"

This report discusses the obligations of the Senegalese government in the protection of women and combating practices of violence against women, based on signed and ratified conventions, international law, and the laws of (as well as pointing out the shortcomings) the Constitution of Senegal. This includes issues of forced marriage, customary laws that inhibit divorced women from keeping their homes, the right to education and employment, reproductive/sexual rights, and high instances of domestic violence, marital rape, and FGM. It also sets forward a list of recommendations to the Government of Senegal aimed at eliminating traditional practices that discriminate against women, establishing a minimum age of marriage that is enforced, abolishing polygamy and dowry, developing a comprehensive policy for prevention and elimination of domestic violence, and declaring marital rape as a crime.

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Violence contre les femmes: 10 Rapports / An 2001. p. 212-140