Women of the World: Laws an Policies Affecting Their Reproductive – Francophone Africa

The chapter of this book that addresses the situation of Senegal begins with an explication of the legal and political framework – structure of government and sources of law. It then examines reproductive health and rights, and within this section discusses the prevalence, laws and policies to prevent, and additional efforts to prevent FGM. Then it moves on to look at understanding the exercise of reproductive rights – i.e. women’s legal status – such as marriage, divorce and custody laws, as well as the right to physical integrity. Within this section there is a discussion on issues (and prevalence) of rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. It closes by addressing the rights of female minors and adolescents, where it addresses FGM of minors and forced/early marriage. The chapter has a very legal framework, wherein it addresses each issue within the laws in place in Senegal, and points to either their lacking in emphasis, or their poor implementation. The chapter on Senegal is p. 156-175

Reproductive Rights and GREFELS
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Reproductive Rights and GREFELS