Pakistan/UK: Judicial conference on child contact, abduction and forced marriage cases

The Daily Times
The Chief Justice of Pakistan, The Hon Mr Justice Sh. Riaz Ahmad, with senior members of the Pakistani judiciary took part in a judicial conference with UK Judges to discuss best practice on handling child contact, child abduction & forced marriage cases.
The UK and Pakistan work closely on these difficult cases, but there are currently no formal agreements. The conference gave the two judiciaries an opportunity to explore the possibilities of producing a set of protocols.

The UK and Pakistan have agreed in principle on a Judicial Protocol on abduction of children. Under this Protocol, the abducted children either from Pakistan or from Britain, “whichever the country may be, the courts in Pakistan will have the jurisdiction, first to determine the habitual or ordinary residence of the child. If it is proved that his residence was in Britain, he will be sent to Britain and if it is proved that his ordinary residence was in Pakistan then he will be retained in Pakistan,” said Justice Sheikh Riaz.