Worldwide: "I'm not going to respond to terrorism by becoming a terrorist"

The Guardian
If you'd lost a loved one, would you want revenge? As the world edges closer to war, Rachel Shabi of the UK newspaper 'The Guardian' talks to relatives who believe retaliation is wrong.
Revenge is in the air. In the wake of September 11, President Bush declared a war on terror. In his state of the union speech in January 2002, he made plain what he meant, summoning all nations to 'eliminate the terrorist parasites who threaten their countries and our own'. In this country, Tony Blair has heeded the call to arms. In Israel, Ariel Sharon has allied the American cause to his own. But do they speak for the people most closely affected by acts of terror around the world? Rachel Shabi talked to Americans, Palestinians, Israelis and a Kenyan. All of them have lost a loved one in the most violent circumstances. None is looking for retaliation. For them, more killing is not the answer . . .