Worldwide: 4th global women's strike - 8 March 2003

Crossroads Women's Centre
On International Women's Day women in over 70 countries will take Strike action to strengthen the hidden struggle of women all over the world for survival, against military budgets and killing economic priorities.
As the 4th Global Women's Strike invites you to take action on International Women's Day 2003 with women from many countries, we all know that it has never been so urgent to stop the world and change it.  We live in terror that the US government will use its weapons of mass destruction, unleashing who knows what violence on people and environment.  At the same time, media censorship can't hide an unfolding anti-war movement of millions, South and North, including in the US itself, a movement increasingly not only against war in Iraq, but against all wars.
It's not as though we've been living in peace.  For millions of us, economic plunder has been enforced by military genocide from Congo to Kashmir, Palestine to Colombia, Chechnya to Sudan, Yugoslavia to Afghanistan.  Behind every headline are women fighting for the life of communities traumatised by terror and destruction. As deadly as weapons is the starvation millions of us face.  On top of food scarcity imposed by killing economic priorities, are floods and drought imposed by climate change.  Women work endlessly trying to feed families enough to survive for another day.  For carers, organising for survival is inseparable from organising for change.  But our survival is not an economic priority, so our survival work is invisible and uncounted.

Every 8th March, Strike actions in over 70 countries on every continent broadcast our demands, which are rooted in our international experience.  The more we as women come together to break the divisions of race, ethnicity, nation, religion, language - which divide us to deprive us - the more grassroots women's needs are visible and our demands heard against the wars and the trade in arms that soak up our resources.