Harvard Women’s Law Association honours Shadi Sadr for contributions to human rights, women & LGBT rights in Iran

Harvard Women’s Law Association

The 5th Annual Harvard Law International Women’s Day Portrait Exhibit showcases the astounding contributions of women around the world to the areas of law and policy. The honorees—each of whom were nominated by HLS students, faculty or staff—are powerful voices in their respective fields, whether they are sitting on a high court bench, standing in front of a classroom, or marching in the streets.

The International Women’s Day Exhibit Committee is honored to present our community with the 2018 honorees, one of which includes Shadi Sadr.

Shadi Sadr

Shadi Sadr is a lawyer, human rights activist,
a women’s and LGBT rights advocate, and
the Founder and Executive Director of
Justice for Iran. As a practicing attorney in
Iran, she worked tirelessly to defend female
activists and journalists in court. Despite her
incarceration by the state and threats of
physical violence, she has always persevered
and demonstrated an unrelenting
commitment to justice.

Congratulations to Shadi Sadr and thank you for continuing to inspire all of us.