Morocco: Call for solidarity with Maria Makrem, Moroccan journalist under threat

The Democratic League for Women's Rights (LDDF) urge you to support Maria Makrem who was recently attacked and threatened by the Moroccan security services.
Maria Makrem, a Moroccan journalist working on El-ayam weekly newspaper, who covers and actively follows women’s issues in Morocco, was physically attacked on 13 March 2003 after receiving a threatening telephone call from someone claiming to be part of a system called "the king’s protector". The person reminded her of how she dared to investigate a secret detention centre in ‘Tamara’ city which is the Center of Moroccan’s Security Services. Immediately after the call she was physically attacked by an unknown person. This attack has since been followed by another telephone call that threatened Maria with further attacks if she continues to write on issues of this nature. In addition, the Moroccan security services have been listening to Maria's telephone calls and intercepting faxes and Internet communication.

The Moroccan women’s organisation, the Democratic League for Women’s Rights (LDDF) which has been following the situation, is convinced that this attack it is a part of a wider campaign, by the security services, to suppress dissent and to tighten their control over freedom of expression.

Maria is respected and well-known for her honest writing and investigative reports into the realities of oppressed women and men's lives. Her only goal, in each case is revealing the truth, despite all difficulties, pressure, and threats that accompany her work as a journalist inside and outside of Morocco.
Democratic League for Women's Rights (LDDF)
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Democratic League for Women's Rights (LDDF)