Marking International Women's Day.
An unlikely feminist in India's traditionally male-dominated southern heartland, has caused a storm by leading the movement for the women's mosque.

En octobre 1997, 35 participantes actives du réseau (issues de 18 pays différents) se sont rencontrées à Dhaka dans le but de développer le troisième Plan d’Action du WLUML. Nous avons ré-examiné d’anciens problèmes et aussi identifié certaines difficultés qui émergent. Nous avons débattu de la meilleure stratégie pour répondre, en tant que réseau, à ces besoins tout en sachant que nous devons agir dans des circonstances qui apparaissent parfois insurmontables dans nos contextes spécifiques.

MLF functions both as an organization and movement, as an association and a network and unites women of all ages in struggles for freedom and human equality.
She ran from the table and locked herself in the bathroom. He had had no idea, he said later, weeping out loud, that what she was doing was climbing out the window.

I remember going to their apartment the day after her death for ‘aza (condolence). She had survived for only a few moments on the pavement, a crowd forming round her as she moaned in great pain, and then had died, no one she knew at her side. She was buried the same day. She was forty-two.
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