Palestinian women in one of Lebanon's largest refugee camps say that with no rights in the country or even within their own community, they feel they are treated "worse than dogs."
Ghida Anani, coordinatrice de KAFA, une organisation libanaise luttant contre les formes d’exploitation et de violence envers les femmes, estime que trois quart des femmes libanaises ont subi, à un moment ou à un autre de leur vie des violences physiques.
As lawmakers struggle to form a government three months after Lebanon's parliamentary elections, women's rights activists await the opening of parliament to debate a new bill on domestic violence.
Lebanon's first and long-awaited book on the lives of queer women and transgender people in Lebanon is published by Meem.
While Lebanese women today enjoy senior positions in the private sector, political appointments have all but eluded them.
The members of the National Alliance for Legalizing the Protection of Women from Family Violence did not get the result they were expecting when the bill for the Protection of Women from Family Violence was listed number 1 on the Cabinet’s agenda.
Lebanon needs a new law banning sectarian prejudice and incitement, to help heal rifts that widened after last week’s fighting between opposition and pro-government forces, the Beirut-based Khiam Rehabilitation Centre said.
A campaign to protect domestic workers from abuse and exploitation challenges employers to ‘Put Yourself in Her Shoes’.
L’interdiction de la diffusion du film Persepolis révèle l’ampleur de l’influence iranienne.
« Le lit est l’endroit où se confrontent Orient et Occident »
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