« Ma nationalité, un droit pour moi et ma famille », une campagne qui dépasse le cadre libanais.
Women's support organization KAFA ('enough') in Lebanon participates in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign
Interview de Khaled Hadadeh, secrétaire général du PCL, parti communiste libanais.
La jeune réalisatrice libanaise Nadine Labaki signe un joli film qui parle de la condition des femmes dans une société très rigide.
Après trois jours de violences, la dissidence extrémiste du Fatah fait craindre un embrasement des camps palestiniens.
KAFA seeks to mitigate the causes and results of violence and exploitation of women and children through advocacy and lobbying, raising awareness, and by offering social and legal services to vulnerable cases.
An exhibition of 30 wooden silhouettes of women who were killed as a result of domestic violence or honour crimes. Each silhouette represents a woman who was killed by either her husband, father or brother, sometimes for mere suspicion of “bad behaviour”.
“When the laws in most countries in the MENA and Gulf regions say that a citizen is someone born of a father of that country only, this clearly says that the state considers that only men are real citizens," said Lina Abou-Habib, Director of CRTD-A.
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