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No for Military Trials group, El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Nazra for Feminist Studies, New Women Foundation and Hisham Mubarak Law Center filed a law suit before of the Administrative Court against the Commander in Chief of the Military Forces and the Minister of Defense and others appealing the decision of forcing women to examine their virginity in military prisons and detention places for Armed Forces.

أقامت مجموعة لا للمحاكمات العسكرية ومركز النديم لتأهيل ضحايا العنف والمبادرة المصرية للحقوق الشخصية ومؤسسة نظرة للدراسات النسوية ومؤسسة المرأة الجديدة ومركز هشام مبارك للقانون دعوى قضائية أمام محكمة القضاء الإداري ضد القائد العام للقوات المسلحة ووزير الدفاع وآخرين طعنا على قرار إخضاع الفتيات للكشف على عذريتهن داخل السجون العسكرية وأماكن الاحتجاز التابعة للقوات المسلحة.

A senior Egyptian general admits that "virginity checks" were performed on women arrested at a demonstration this spring, the first such admission after previous denials by military authorities. The allegations arose in an Amnesty International report, published weeks after the March 9 protest. It claimed female demonstrators were beaten, given electric shocks, strip-searched, threatened with prostitution charges and forced to submit to virginity checks. At that time, Maj. Amr Imam said 17 women had been arrested but denied allegations of torture or "virginity tests." But now a senior general who asked not to be identified said the virginity tests were conducted and defended the practice.

A wedding in Kyrgyzstan is a huge celebration. For most girls it is an event they await from their birth. Parents spend a great amount of money preparing the dowry and the feast. However, there is one moment that can ruin not only the outcome of the event and the fate of the bride, but also tarnish the family honor - the display of the first night bed sheet. A great disgrace befalls a woman whose sheet remains clean. Ironically, at the same time it is expected that the man should have had a sexual experience before the marriage, and it is a great shame for him to be a virgin at his wedding. These traditional views vividly display that women in Kyrgyzstan not only lack sexual rights, but are even stigmatized for their choices. 

India's National Commission for Women wants Madhya Pradesh state to explain why hundreds of would-be brides reportedly underwent virginity tests.
Despite the scientific and cultural modernization that has changed the face of Jordan since its creation in 1921, the practice of this custom continues in rural and urban areas alike.
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights - Right to Privacy Program - Press Release - 12 October 2008
According to The Virgin Daughters, one in six American girls now takes a "purity pledge", vowing to abstain from all sexual activity until they are married.
Le tribunal de grande instance de Lille vient de rendre un jugement étonnant : il a considéré la virginité comme une « qualité essentielle » (sic) de la femme avant le mariage.
France plunged into a heated debate about its marriage laws on Friday after learning that a court had annulled the union of two Muslims because the husband said the wife was not the virgin she had claimed to be.
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