MLF functions both as an organization and movement, as an association and a network and unites women of all ages in struggles for freedom and human equality.
Including the struggle of the women of Chagos, an example for the world-wide women’s movement.
Cependant, M. Ramalingum n'a pas donné une image assez nette de la situation générale à l’Ile Maurice, ce qui est regrettable, car une bonne connaissance du contexte mènerait à une condamnation encore plus totale de toutes les attaques contre la liberté d'expression à l'Ile Maurice.
The attacks by Muslim fundamentalists against Mr. Namassiwayam Ramalingum and against L'Indépendant, the newspaper he is editor of, were accurately described and rightly denounced in Index 3/1995. But Mr. Ramalingum has not provided a clear enough picture of what was going on in general in Mauritius. This is a pity, because knowing about the context helps towards a more thorough condemnation of all the attacks on free speech in Mauritius.

Mauritius has seen vast changes over the past fifteen years.
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