South Africa

A case study of South Africa by WLUML networker Rashida Manjoo in which she outlines the implications of a lack of debate on identity politics in South Africa, and the apparent conflation of culture and religion with other identity issues.
A Muslim divorcée is facing the wrath of religious leaders and her community for legally challenging 'Islamic law', which excludes her from a share of her wealthy former husband's estate.
An Agenda journal to document the papers and proceedings of the Gender, Culture and Rights workshop held in Gauteng, 1-3 February 2005.
A paper on gender rights within the framework of traditional or group cultural norms and rights by WLUML networker Rashida Manjoo, for the Agenda Special Focus: Gender, Culture and Rights.
Gabeba received a doctorate in English and Media Studies from the University of Cape Town, with a thesis on images of Islam in South African media and art and has published widely on the topic of representations of Islam.
Positive Muslims welcomes the news that the consultation is to be hosted in Cape Town on 14-18th November 2006.
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