United Arab Emirates

All female staff at Dubai Bank, Muslim and non-Muslim, must wear a shailah (head scarf) and abaya (black cloak covering the whole body) starting this Ramadan, Gulf News has learnt.
Une sexologue pas comme les autres fait un tabac dans le monde arabe. Oum Mohammad porte certes le voile intégral (niqab), mais elle n’a pas froid aux yeux. A la télévision, elle donne son avis sur les différentes façons de faire l’amour.
Marnie Pearce, 40, has not seen her sons – Laith, seven, and Ziad, four – since she was imprisoned in the Arab emirate last month.
Amnesty International said that if Pearce were jailed it would consider her a prisoner of conscience.
A Muslim woman on Thursday became the first ever female allowed to conduct marriages in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates and throughout the conservative Gulf, the official WAM news agency reported.
Echorouk rapporte, dimanche 9 novembre, que l'Algérie enverra une délégation au Congrès des Femmes Arabes organisé cette semaine aux EAU [Emirats arabes unies].
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Submits report to Inter-Parliament Union on Gulf Cooperation Council Women Parliamentarians Meeting.
The oil-rich United Arab Emirates on Wednesday got its first woman judge, a job hitherto reserved for men in the conservative Gulf country.
Women in the United Arab Emirates will soon be allowed to become judges, breaking a male monopoly over the profession in the conservative monarchy, the justice minister was quoted as saying.
Sharla Musabih decided to take action against domestic violence by opening up a villa to shelter women and children who can not find help anywhere else.
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