Many Ugandans, especially from western, northern and eastern Uganda, take pride in bride price. However, the people of Tororo district, through Mifumi Project, recently filed a petition in the Constitutional Court seeking to abolish it.
Uganda's Supreme Court recently nullified a law that made adultery criminal for women, but not men. The constitutional case also strengthened women's rights on divorce and inheritance.
Rape, sexual attacks and child abuse are common in northern Uganda's biggest refugee camp, where tens of thousands of people shelter from 19 years of war, the United Nations children's agency said on Wednesday.
An Islamic guerrilla group previously thought to be a spent force is regrouping and rearming, according to Ugandan security officials.
The Domestic Relations Bill (DRB) has again been shelved amidst protests from several MPs, mostly women activists.
Non au projet de loi sur les relations matrimoniales ! C’est le cri du cœur des musulmans ougandais, qui ont marqué leur désapprobation du texte en manifestant, mardi dernier, dans les rues de la capitale.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has strongly criticized the Ugandan government, accusing it of pushing the abstinence line while downplaying the safe sex message. A "life-threatening" shift which HRW says is orchestrated and funded by the US.
More than 1,000 Muslims have demonstrated in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, against a proposed law which they say contradicts the Koran.
The mission came about following the Uganda state's referral of the situation in the Northern Uganda to the ICC.
The Ugandan practice of wedding dowries - known as the bride price - is to blame for much of the country's domestic violence, experts say.
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