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A Kuwaiti parliamentary panel yesterday approved landmark draft legislation that grants a host of benefits to women, the head of the committee said.
There are many exciting updates since Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) joined with partners in Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, and Algeria in support of the regional campaign for Arab women's right to nationality.
Shirin Ebadi talks about the fact that the Iranian government accuses social groups of damaging the international prestige of Islamic systems if they argue about issues such as death by stoning.
Opponents of polygamy in Muslim-majority Malaysia are carrying out a rare survey to prove their claims that the practice throws families into emotional and economic turmoil.
India's personal laws are based on religious affiliation, granting special rights to the country's Muslims. Nadja-Christina Schneider discusses religious minority rights and secular modernisation on the subcontinent.
Le débat reste toujours ouvert, alors que le projet de réforme bute sur le mode d'application.
Equality Now has issued a campaign update and calls on the new court to take a leadership role in promoting and protecting the rights of women in accordance with the Constitution and international human rights standards to which Afghanistan is a party.
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