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The Canadian Council of Muslim Women have published some "Frequently Asked Questions" around the issue of the Arbitration and Family Law Acts in Canada.
President Jakaya Kikwete has appointed twenty new Judges of the High Court.
The primer is designed to provide information comparing Muslim and Canadian family laws to a range of audiences, including Muslim women, lawyers, social service providers, students, and the judiciary.
Private health facilities have been banned from conducting prenuptial tests required to finalise marriage procedures, according to a senior official.
The decision to update the country's polygamy code comes just days after popular Indonesian cleric, Abdullah Gymnastiar, caused uproar by announcing he had secretly married a second wife.
Following strong protests from women's and left-wing groups, a US marine has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for raping a local woman in the Philippines last year. About 100 protesters were outside the courthouse for the verdict.
Après plusieurs tentatives, le Pakistan a assoupli mercredi sa législation islamique controversée sur le viol des femmes et l'adultère, malgré la vive opposition des fondamentalistes, une refonte défendue par le gouvernement du président Pervez Musharraf.
A Muslim divorcée is facing the wrath of religious leaders and her community for legally challenging 'Islamic law', which excludes her from a share of her wealthy former husband's estate.
A new 'model nikahnama' drafted by Shia clerics may soon give a section of Muslim women in India the right to initiate divorce.
The Tanzanian government is reviewing the country's Marriage Act with the aim of raising girls' age consent for marriage from 15 to 18 years, Deputy Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Mathias Chikawe has said.
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