Identity Politics

Generation Tehran is a documentary short that disccuses Iran, its people, and its future. As one of the youngest populations in the world (70% are under 30 years of age), Iran's youth are helping to build a new country. In this documentary, Iran's urban and upper middle class youth speak out about life in Iran, their freedoms, and their collective culutural identity crisis.

Tandis que de plus en plus de mouvements politiques de droite - y compris les mouvements fondamentalistes qui affectent le plus la vie des femmes, nous contraignent et nous enferment dans une identité unique, nous luttons pour réclamer nos identités multiples, concomitantes, et non antagonistes: genre, classe, ethnicité, race, religion, culture, etc.

This volume seeks to address issues of concern to women in Muslim countries and communities around the concepts of identity, politics, movements, and alliances. Crucial to identity politics is the fraught question of alliances: all the articles, ultimately, address this question.

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