An Indian court ruled gay sex was not a crime, a verdict that will bolster demands by gay and health groups that the government scrap a British colonial law, which bans homosexual sex.
The Indian government is reviewing legislation that outlaws homosexuality.
A group of around 30 women began a fast unto death, on 13 April, to demand the cessation of hostilities in Sri Lanka.
The near-invisibility of Muslim women, except as victims, underpins the construction of the ideal citizen-subject in late colonial India.
Over the last two weeks, several women have been violently attacked in Bangalore for wearing jeans, going out in the street, and resisting 'moral policing'.
More than 80 attacks and cases of moral policing have been reported from all over Karnataka in the last six months.
The ban on co- education for girls in madrassas from class XI will virtually bring to a halt the education of 25,000 girls in Uttar Pradesh.
"The Mumbai attacks have been dubbed 'India's 9/11', and there are calls for a 9/11-style response, including an attack on Pakistan. Instead, the country must fight terrorism with justice, or face civil war."
"The Masjid was inaugurated on August 29, 2008 and about 150 women took part in prayer on the very first day. ‘It’s a gift to our mother and sisters for the Ramadan’, said Sayedullah Nongrum, MLA and Secretary of the Shillong Muslim Union since 1982."
The following Joint Statement was released to the press simultaneously in Pakistan and India on November 30 2008.
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