For the first time, women in India have legal protection against abuse in their own homes. It is the first time Indian law has recognised marital rape, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse of a woman by her husband as crimes.
Asghar Ali Engineer's aim is to make progressive thinking accessible to lay people and to bring it beyond the borders of a select group of intellectuals. A portrait of the Indian Muslim thinker by Fatma Sagir.
The number of women living with HIV/AIDS is on the rise in the country and a recent UN survey found that in majority of the cases the disease was passed on by polygamous husbands.
Even as scores of Indian Muslim organizations have denounced the Mumbai train blasts and called for an impartial investigation into the carnage, the Hindutva lobby has launched an anti-Muslim tirade.
A mahant from Varanasi and a mufti from Punjab came together on a common platform in Mumbai recently to jointly declare a holy war (jihad) against their respective co-religionists who preach hatred and perpetrate violence against innocent citizens.
We, the undersigned, represent a broad range of religious communities and organisations in India. We are drawn from Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist faiths and none.
Acts of Terror are acts of cowardice. Terror of the kind unleashed by eight bomb blasts in Mumbai's western railway line killing over 175 innocent victims need to be condemned unequivocally.
Sheikh Mohammed of Bhadrak district, Orissa in a drunken state pronounced triple talaq to his wife Najma Bibi, but next morning realised his mistake and decided to live with her and their three young children.
All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board (AIMWPB) has severely castigated the attempt of so-called Majlis-e-shura of Bhopal to exorcise noted painter M.F. Hussain from Islam.
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