[mili]war crimes and impunity/accountability

Après la dernière opération militaire en date d’Israël sur Gaza, Islah Jad a répondu aux questions de l’AWID quant à la situation et les conséquences de ce conflit sur les femmes.
After decades of civil war, at least 100,000 Tamil civilians are caught between the Tamil Tigers, who refuse to let them travel freely, and the Sri Lankan government, which refuses to stop firing at them.
In one of the biggest hospitals in Sri Lanka's north, many women patients wonder why they survived the fighting between the Tamil Tigers and the military that killed so many of their friends.
The following statement by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women was issued on 6 February 2009 in Geneva:
Today’s call for the conference comes at a time of an increasing crackdown by Sudanese authorities on those perceived to support the ICC.
The hospital, in the rebel-held village of Puthukkudiyiruppu, became a target.
The humanitarian crisis in northern Sri Lanka has been highlighted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Sir John Holmes, as well as by UN agencies in Sri Lanka.
Nahla Hussain, militante des droits des femmes, leader de la ligue des femmes du parti communiste Kurde et mère de deux enfants, a été décapitée chez elle à Kirkuk dans le nord de l'Iraq.
A joint letter has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor urging that the amended indictment include charges of rape and other forms of sexual violence perpetrated against women by Bosnian Serb forces under Karadzic’s command.
Une lettre conjointe destinée au procureur en chef, que l’acte révisé inclue des accusations pour viol et autres formes de violences sexuelles perpétrées contre des femmes par les forces serbes de Bosnie sous le commandement de Karadzic.
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