Des terroristes ont bénéficié de la loi sur la réconciliation.
Unicef says an estimated two million children in Iraq continue to face threats, including poor nutrition, disease and interrupted education.
"General Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan on Saturday November 3, 2007 and imposed the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) that suspends the Constitution and the fundamental rights of citizens, gags the media and forbids any form of dissent. This has drastically upset the already frail political setup prevalent in the country.
The closure of 204 Government Community Primary Schools in NWFP: 408 female teachers and 14,000 girl students affected.
Myanmar's military regime has faced weeks of peaceful protests sparked by a staggering increase in fuel prices in August. Buddhist monks and nuns, along with students and human rights activists, have emerged as leaders of the protest movement, which has now escalated into the biggest challenge to the junta in nearly two decades. The protestors are being subjected to daily violence, arrests and repression and the fatalities are rising.
Il «somme» le président Bouteflika d’intervenir et de mettre fin à tous les dépassements. Alors que 1560 milliards de centimes vont être alloués aux terroristes.
"The concerns of some within the military are that not only do fundamentalist Christian public pronouncements seep into top-ranking military officials, but their beliefs can infect the decision-making of those officials."
The report finds that Iraqi women are now facing new fundamentalist values that did not exist in their country before.
Article 19 a récemment publié un rapport alarmant sur la place des femmes dans les médias irakiens et le défi d'être à la fois femme et journaliste dans ce pays.
Nurit Peled-Elhanan, lauréate du Prix Sakharov, pour les droits de l'homme et la liberté de pensée, du Parlement européen.
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