This report tries to tackle some of the myths, misconceptions and even outright lies about Iraqi women’s roles and rights.
Supporters of some militia leaders have clashed with an armed Islamist group. Their opponents say the Islamic courts are terrorising local people. A top cleric says fighting will continue until the other side surrenders.
Deep-rooted social conventions and a rise in Islamic extremism resulted in the deaths of thousands of women and children last year in Bangladesh, according to WLUML networkers.
As the results of Iraq's parliamentary elections began to trickle in, one Washington based group of Iraqi expatriates were more concerned with gender, than with party or ethnic affiliation.
A renewed Muslim insurgency and heavy-handed security forces plague Thailand's poorest region Southern Thailand.
Chechnya has lost so many men to war that survivors should be legally allowed to take several wives, acting Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov has said.
From a reporter, Hannah Allam, currently in Iraq who is responding to a raging and very angry debate that began on the Arab Women's Solidarity Association listserv when children were recently killed while taking candy from US soldiers.
An Islamic guerrilla group previously thought to be a spent force is regrouping and rearming, according to Ugandan security officials.
Confronting 'imperial feminism' and building a feminist anti-war movement. By Huibin Amee Chew.
Girls are abducted against their will to live life in the army. The roles vary from being soldiers to porters but most are forced to serve as sex slaves or ‘wives’. The findings highlight a global trend which is not unique to one country or continent.
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