Sudanese Army Attacks against Civilians in Tabit

FEBRUARY 11, 2015

As the UN Security Council tackles the entity claiming to be “Islamic State,” and President Barack Obama invokes global Muslim responsibility, many ask whether people of Muslim heritage do enough to counter extremism.

Whether or not one believes a US/European military intervention against the Islamic State is a strategy that is likely to fail,
whether or not one foresees, as a result of opting for the wrong strategy, decades of chaos in the region and more fighters joining IS,
whether or not one considers military intervention as a cover up from imperialism in the Middle East,
whether or not one is aware of human rights past justifications for military interventions,
whether or not one is an all-out pacifist opposed to any war, even against Hitler (or the new Hitlers of our times that we, in Algeria, have been labeling ‘green-fascists’ since the nineties),

The extremist Sunni militant group called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which recently declared a caliphate in parts of the Middle East, now controls an area of 13,000 square miles in Iraq and Syria. Testimonies coming out about daily life in the ISIS-controlled region depict an agenda of fear and intimidation being imposed, one that targets women with repression and violence.

تشعرشبكة "النساء في ظل قوانين المسلمين" بقلق بالغ إزاء تزايد ظاهرة زواج اللاجئات السوريات في المخيمات، حيث أصبحت هذه الظاهرة متبعة كـ "استراتيجية"  للبقاء على قيد الحياة للعائلات اليائسة، أو كوسيلة للهروب من الفقر الشديد. ويعتبر الزواج القسري شكلاً من أشكال الاستعباد الجنسي، حيث يضع قيوداًً على استقلالية المرأة وحرية حركتها، وقدرتها على البت في المسائل المتعلقة بحياتها الخاصة والجنسية.


On the 21st August 2012, a female tea seller traveling in the early evening was dragged from a bus in Awdiinle, Baidoa Region, by Al Shabaab taken to the bush close by and beheaded. The woman in question had been based in Bardaale district (Bay region) and had in the course of her tea selling business served members of the TFG who came to her shop regularly. Although she had received threats from Al Shabaab that she would be killed if she continued to receive business from the TFG, due to her position as sole breadwinner in her household, it was necessary that she continue.

The report provides an overview of the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan with particular focus on the events since September 2001.
The demonstration is organised by the Stop the War Coalition and supported by CND.
Delegates from four Afghan factions have signed an agreement on a transitional government to run the country after 20 years of war.
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