[fund] co-optation by politico-religious and/or conservative forces

The Haredi sect has launched an aggressive campaign against the secular lifestyles of women in Jerusalem.
Alhaji Muhammadu Bello Masaba, whose marriage to 86 wives has attracted much controversy, has agreed to divorce 82 of them, an Etsu Nupe Palace Official said.
Two Afghan women have been reported murdered by Taliban militants in the country's central Ghazni province.
Six leaders of a group managing the Baha'i community's religious and administrative affairs in Iran were arrested at their homes by officers from the Ministry of Intelligence on 14 May 2008, and are now detained in Evin Prison in Tehran. A seventh person, acting secretary for the group, Mahvash Sabet, has been in detention since 5 March. The Baha'i community has long been persecuted by the Iranian government, especilly since the Iranian Revolution.
"In the latest killing, or at least the latest to come to public attention, Kurdistan Aziz was 16 years old when she escaped her family with a man she knew they would not accept, and courageously following the ancient tradition of 'radu kauten' they eloped together to Arbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan. They planned to start a life together. But her father had other ideas for her; not of love, happiness or choice but that she must die for this rebellion against the patriarchal order.
On June 12th, the occasion of the National Day of Solidarity of Iranian Women, nine women’s rights activists were arrested outside of the Rahe Abrisham Gallery just prior to a small, peaceful assembly planned to commemorate the day.
Though Indonesia's contemporary artists enjoy an enthusiastic audience, they increasingly feel that Islamist moralizers are interfering with their creativity.
"In the past, Barbie dolls have been targeted by Iranian authorities bridling at their revealing dress. In public Iranian women must cover their bodily contours - a rule, correspondents point out, that Barbie conspicuously fails to follow."
"Girls’ schools have also become a target. At least six schools were attacked in the Darra Adam Khel area, about 35km south of Peshawar, in 2008, badly affecting girls’ education, with parents terrified to send their daughters to school."
Khadijeh Moghaddam member of the Mother’s Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign, and a member of Mothers for Peace, was released on the afternoon of Wednesday April 16, after spending nine days in detention.
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