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Mark Terkessidis questions why, "While we are diligently debating the matter of 'the Muslims,' a whole series of structural problems are completely hidden from view – and the legal and economic situation of immigrants is of practically no concern."
"Liberalism can only flourish when socio-politics becomes free of top-down constraints. Let the society breathe naturally and both politics and culture will become more normal."
Though Qatari nationals account for only around 12 per cent of the total labour force, more Qatari women are working outside the home.
On 28 June 2007, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued orders to release Shamial Raj and Shahzina Tariq on bail on a security bond of Rs 50,000 each. However, the jail authorities have not released the two as yet.
As Iraq struggles to define its future, there is one important group that has been largely left out of the process: women.
President Nicolas Sarkozy's new government lineup gives a fresh nod to France's ethnic diversity, with a Muslim feminist and a young woman of Senegalese origin taking junior minister posts.
Les droits de femmes ont considérablement progressé ces dernières années en Turquie, même si dans la pratique de nombreux progrès restent à faire.
Michael Slackman assesses the status of Algerian women.
A law requiring women to have a male guardian sign their passport application angers women in Iraqi Kurdistan.
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